Strange days

Locked down. The tentacles of Covid 19 have reached our wee slice of paradise. Nowhere it seems is safe, nobody immune.

New Zealanders have been told to stay home. Possibly for a month, possibly longer. Suddenly amid the hurly burly, a simple life is forced upon us. A new normal.

And while these are indeed strange, scary times, part of me is a little pleased. I’m grateful for a warm home, a well-stocked pantry, access to the beach and the good health my wee family currently enjoy.

We are spending more time together. There is still school work to do, wood to chop, meals to cook, messages to check and bills to pay. But there are also more spaces for chatting, checking in, shooting hoops, throwing darts. Just being.

It’s hard for the boys. They’re social kids, heavily invested in their friendships as only teenagers can be. And yes, they have social media but it’s not the same. Never has been, never will be.

Slowly the reality is sinking in.

No, you can’t just pop into town. No, you can’t go for a surf. No, he can’t come to stay. What can you do?

Just be.

Just breathe.

Published by michelledb10

A Mum, a wordsmith and secondary school teacher who enjoys the beach, her family and keeping life simple. Visit my blogs for digital learning tools and tips, young adult reading inspiration and lessons learned from the school of life.

3 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. I am so grateful for the chance to go outside. Your boys must be relieved that they can burn off some energy shooting baskets. I hear the constant thump thump of the kids next door doing the same.

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